Work from home

Information on work at home jobs that are legit.

Work from home

Working from home can have so many Pro's. No need to spend on gas money everyday. You do not need to pay for day care for those with children.  You can attend to your family and home.  The best part is you are able to work in your pajamas. If this is something you are looking for I can definitely provide some companies and help get started. I myself have worked from home as a customer service representative and it was awesome!  I honestly can not complain about this position.  I was able to get dinner started and work from the comfort of my own home.

I know one of the greatest websites to find a company is on  You just have to search with the keywords "work from home". Many of the work from home companies will pop up on there. The most popular work at home jobs I found are;

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Search Engine Evaluater

  • Chat Agent

Search engine evaluates rate searches online.  Chat agents answer people's questions through chat for online companies. Here is a list of some companies I know are legitimate work at home jobs. These are great for stay at home mommies. As long as you have a room or area in your house that can be used and will be distraction-free. You can set up your little office in that room or area.  These companies are;










There is plenty more work at home companies and jobs.  These are just the ones I  know of and that are legitimate.  You do not  to pay anything to get started. I hope this may have been helpful to you.  Good luck with your work at home ventures.