The Idea For A Better Country Involves The US

Hypocrites, and politicians have pitted us against each other. Let's make a change.

The Idea For A Better Country Involves The US


 So I normally try not to get too political on my posts as it can result in futility and nonsense from people who think just because you don't agree with their thoughts or opinions that make you enemies. I don't like getting into that stuff because quite honestly, I am way too lazy to deal with someone who wants to argue just because they think everyone should conform to their beliefs. But I honestly don't think this will be a political post. I think it will be a common-sense post involving politics. Now again, I appreciate banter back and forth and civilized discussions, but will not deal with ignorance. I have said it several times in previous posts and I will say it again: Just because we disagree, doesn't mean we have to be enemies. But this will more so be a post where I look at things from my perspective and realize that one side of the political party is absolutely nutbag crazy, while the other is completely and arrogant and self-indulged. Now be warned, Liberals and Democrats, there is going to a lot of bashing you because of some the dumb shit some, not all of you believe. But I do have a final point that goes against both sides, and a bigger problem with society. Just hear me out and finish it before you judge it. Also, I would like to add that hopefully, everything I am about to say makes sense, In my head, everything is perfectly logical and well thought out and makes sense, but sometimes I struggle with putting my thoughts into words, but I digress and here we go.

 So the main headline that has been on the news since he was elected is President Donald Trump. Like it or not, love him or hate him, if you're an American Citizen, he is, in fact, your president. Now when the time for the election came up, this country was more divided than ever, and it was an absolute shit show as far as media coverage and that obvious bias against Trump, and the people who were advocating for sending Hilary to prison for obvious corruption but people were so enthralled with the following suite that they lost sight of the ugly truth. The election of Trump vs Clinton was choosing between: Would you rather be shot in the face, or have your throat cut? As was the elections of Obama and Romney and Obama, and whoever the hell he ran against the first time. We as a society have become so lazy that we don't do any research at all when it comes to the elections of public officials mainly the president. Sadly, we look at what celebrities say, and listen to what bias news corporations tell us, and listen to our friends, and follow their lead. Very few people take the time anymore to research and see and hear what a candidate says, instead they just watch the cliff note version the news media wants you to see and hear. Now I fully admit, I too, am one of these people. 

                So in order not to make this post extremely long, let me point out the blatant ridiculousness of one side. The Democrats and Liberals, want Trump impeached because they feel as if the Russians tampered with the polls allowing him to be elected as the president. This is the same party that wants voter identification banned, and also wants illegal immigrants to be able to vote. The same illegal immigrants that their party uses tax dollars to house, and feed. Also, during the Obama elections, there were thousands of cases of machines, automatically selecting Obama's name over Romney when people would select his name, and vice versa. Now maybe it is a conspiracy, but if it happens once or twice, ok maybe it's a coincidence, but if it happens thousands of times as reported than something is up with the machines. Keep in mind folks, the same government that pays for these machines is the same government that screwed up the gas can.  There was also who woman who was hailed as a "hero" because she cast ballots for people to vote for Obama. What is the problem with that? Well these people whose ballot she entered in favor of Obama, they were DEAD!!!!  Not in the hospital dying, not close to death, but straight up, in the ground, buried, and DEAD!!!

 Now granted depending on which site you go to some will say the fraud is confirmed and was swept under the rug by the government, while some sites will say that there was no voter fraud, and all headlines saying so were misleading and what not. So we will never know the truth, I have my theories but voter fraud, machine mishaps, and dead people voting fact or fiction is not my point, I am getting to it, just hear me out. 

 Then we have the debate on whether the electoral vote or popular vote should elect the president. Now the Democrats and Liberals had no problem at all with the system when Obama won his elections as he won both the electoral and popular vote. "The system works, it's great," everyone said. Obama won fair and square. So the system is great, up until Trump won the election and it started a barrage of crying and people calling for recounts, and douchebag, good for nothing talentless celebrities threatened to move out of country and whatnot, and because Hilary won the popular vote but not the electoral, they all the sudden said the system is broken and that it should go by the popular vote and not the electoral vote. Both parties swim in this swamp each election whenever their particular candidate loses but neglects to mention anything about it when their candidate wins. Again, not my main point but I am getting there I promise you.

 Then we have the gun control issue. Yes and issue that comes up several times a year, which coincidentally comes up after a mass shooting, which coincidentally comes up after a major political scandal involving people in high places whose main focus is gun control. Kind of funny how that works out isn't it? I admit I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist so I just find it fascinating. But for all these politicians, mainly Democrats and Liberals, who want gun control, and guns taken off the street, are completely missing the point and quite frankly, the lack of common sense has gone from maddening to just straight comical. They believe that more gun control would be better for society making things safer, by taking guns out of the hands of people that are law-abiding citizens who have a permit to purchase and carry legal weapons. Here is the thing for all you anti-gun folks whether you are republican, democrat, liberal or whatever other ridiculous titles you put on yourself. Bad people will do bad things regardless if it is illegal or not. Meth is illegal but people still do it. Stealing is illegal but people still do it. Rape is illegal but people still do it. Stabbing someone is illegal but it still happens. The fact that you blame the gun when someone gets shot is ridiculous. The gun WILL NOT fire unless someone is pulling the trigger. By the logic of anti-gun people, the car should be blamed when a drunk driver kills someone. The knife should be blamed when someone is stabbed to death. The pencil should be blamed when someone misspells a word. So why blame Trump for dropping a bomb on a terrorist, he didn't kill them, the missile did, and that is simply going by your logic of why guns should be eliminated. What is more fascinating though, is the anti-gun politicians are constantly surrounded by security who carry guns, imagine that.

 Just look at Chicago, it proves gun control doesn't work at all. They have some of the strictest gun laws in the country and it is also the most violent. But here is where the other side is at fault. Should you be allowed to open carry, purchase guns legally, and keep a firearm to protect yourself? You absolutely should. But given the day in age, where mental health seems to be drastically changing for the worst and a lot of people using any excuse they want to pull out a gun, there does need to be some reform in how you go about getting your guns. I get it, the constitution gives you the right and freedom to bare arms, but I think there needs to be some open-mindedness as to the prerequisites of owning and purchasing a gun. I believe you should have to have a mental checkup maybe every two years. I think you should have to go through proper gun safety and training courses every so often. Now I get the that having a mental checkup could lead to some conspiracy of paid off doctors and what not by the government, I mean hell look at big pharma and the crisis they are causing and who is profiting, but look at the mass shootings over the last few years. Some would call it racial, or radical, but every one of them had one thing in common, they were all legit crazy and had some mental health issues. Would doing this lead to no mass shootings and senseless murders? Of course not, but I feel it would cut down on the infighting and the “you can take my guns when I am dead” type of fighting against the people who want no guns at all. Instead of fighting, let us compromise.

 Now that we got passed the voter fraud, electoral or popular vote, the hypocrisy of the Democrats and Liberals, let us move onto the next agenda where the Republican side is completely close-minded and wrong, and the Dems/Libs are way too open-minded and wrong. That is the topic of sexual orientation and gender. Here is where most of the Republican party is completely dead wrong and close-minded. A lot of the Rep. are god-fearing Christians, or at least that's what they want you to believe while their finding ways to screw people over to gain more money for them, but believe that a marriage is between a man and woman only and that same-sex marriage should be completely illegal and those that disagree and gays that get married are going to hell and blah blah blah. Look I get it, the bible says it is wrong and whatnot, but here is the question. How does 2 men or 2 women who you don't know, or have ever met, having sex, getting married, and adopting kids affect you? The simple answer, it does not. So for you to want to push laws, and tell people who can and can't get married is beyond stupid. It's just as stupid as the hypocrisy of the voting laws that the other side wants. No one should be able to judge or rule on who loves who and who should be able to marry based on your opinions alone.

 Then comes the other side with their made-up 87 genders or whatever the hell it is and expecting to be able to push that agenda down the throats of everyone. Look man, woman, transgender whatever, do what and be what makes you happy, but don't expect everyone to accept your ideas and understand them and cater to them the way you think it should be. What you fail to realize is when you call someone a bigot, or hateful because they don't conform to your ideas or opinions, you are becoming a bigot by not accepting and being at peace with other people's thoughts and beliefs. If you pay attention most people don't care, whether or not you identify as a man or a woman, or if you are gay, or bi-sexual, but when you want to have parades, and have special rules enforced because of it, you no longer want equality. You want to be seen as equal but you want to have special treatment. That being said, the whole man identifying as a woman and using the same bathroom as a 4-year-old girl at the same time in a public place is beyond wrong and quite frankly creepy. It is just asking for someone to be preyed on by someone navigating the rules based on ridiculous narratives. No, I am not saying trans people are pedophiles, but someone sick will always find a way to prey on the innocent and the law that states you can use whatever bathroom you identify as is just an excuse for some sick asshole to find their next victim. But you are so caught up in wanting to make a change, wanting to be a part of history, and wanting your voice to be heard that you completely put blinders on to the fact of the ramifications.

 Now we got to the root of all this ranting and raving, and yes democrats and liberals, there were more rants against you because of one simple thing that you people do and either ignore it, or just flat out don't realize it, and that is being hypocritical. You claim that someone who doesn't agree with same-sex marriage, or someone who agrees with Trump, or someone who believes in guns is a bigot, racist, radical deplorable human being. Meanwhile, when you rant against someone who doesn't have the same beliefs, you bash them and judge them, and call them names, and say that shouldn't be allowed to do this and that and that and that and this, and go here and there. You become the same thing you rant about. You become the same thing you say you hate. You become a racist, a bigot, a radical to push your agenda down the throats of anyone and when they don't agree, you crucify them. 

 So what we have ALL lost sight of is the biggest problem for the US as a country. No presidential candidate is for us. Now I am not the biggest Trump supporter but was he a better option than Hilary? You damn right he was and is. Is it a better option than Bernie Sanders? You bet your ass he is. Side note, for all you Bernie fans who like him because he promises all these free things, newsflash, free doesn't mean free. Nothing is free, free means that there will be more taxes and more money out of your pocket. The problem is, every election we are stuck with Democrat or Republican. We are stuck with the party that they tell us we should vote for. We are stuck with people who will push THEIR agenda and try their hardest to pit us versus each other. Here is the thing, and I know for a lot of people it will be an unpopular choice, but Trump is good for this country. He is making it to where America concerns itself with Americans. Now does he tweet a little too much and say some stupid shit? Sure, but he didn't leave soldiers at Benghazi to die and then delete emails before an investigation started. But now we have been almost brainwashed to pick sides. Republican or Democrat, and there is no in-between. You pick one or the other, and regardless of which side you choose, it is like picking between a slow painful death, or a quick death. There are no winners and no losers, except for us, because regardless of which side wins, and what laws are put in place, and what new taxes are enforced, they are enforced upon all of us: The Citizens of the Country. Regardless of who you voted for, you are still lining the pockets of everyone in the big house.

 The most important things aren't same-sex marriage, gun control, genders, race, democrat, republican, liberal or whatever nonsense they want to shove down our throats. The most important, and the sad thing is, that they manipulate this all the way and have manipulated us. Instead of acting as one, we have become a nation divided. Regardless of your beliefs, opinions, religion, sexual preference, we should all not worry about whether Joe from down the road believes the same stuff we do, but we should be more worried about whether or not you and Joe can come up with a peaceful compromise and make it work for the betterment of the country. It is a lot like parenting. If 2 people have a child and split up, it is better for the child, and everyone involved if the 2 parents can get along and be cordial and come up with compromises to keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible. It is impossible to make everyone happy all the time. No matter what there will always be someone to call bullshit and start a fight. Hell someone could find the cure for cancer and someone will find a way to run them down and belittle them.  We as a society have to take back what is ours and remember that the politicians work for us. We as a society need to realize that no matter how much you protest, rant, and rave about certain views and opinions, that not everyone will agree with you, and that is ok. We don't have to agree on everything. We can disagree, have a conversation and still not be enemies. We the people have to regain the site of the main agenda. Leaving a better country for future generations. We have got to stop trying to dig up something on someone that people may find offensive just to have a got you moment, and instead talk to these people who have said or done offensive things, and talk things out with them and have actual helpful conversations. Except for pedophiles, we should just bring back the firing squad for them.  

In closing, as once again I have ranted on for way longer than expected, we have to stop thinking republican, democrat, liberal, gay, straight, man, woman, transgender, black, white and start thinking about us as a whole. Start considering things as citizens of the United States. I am not saying we have to agree on everything. But we should be able to be civil and have actual conversations and compromises. If we can do this, then the country will change for the better, and We the people, can take the country back from the greedy, self-serving, money lining, corporate douchebag yes men that run the country now.

Until Next Time,

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