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Are you struggling to get REAL traffic to your blog?  Your a great writer, have a nice looking blog, have very creative content to share? And you have zero views and no or little traffic.  Maybe you just started blogging and are overwhelmed by how to go about getting real visitors, real readers and real people who want to visit your blog.  You are not the only blogger who struggles with traffic.  We have all been there one time or another. can help you gain a real organic interested audience to your blog or website.  Also included are backlinks, comments, Facebook shares and comments, Likes, Twitter and other social shares to help grow your blog traffic naturally.


FREE - Register as a member and write or copy your original article on  This is called guest posting.  Leave your website link at the bottom of your article.  Also be sure to update your profile photo, email, website link and profiles social media accounts.  Every article you post on will get shared, liked, comments by viewers and their audiences and so on and on. As well Zigglemedia will spread the word on all new articles throughout all our social accounts, email lists, and other advertising if we feel you wrote an exceptional article with great content.

1. Register As A Member. 

  • Each guest poster is required to register and sign in to create a post.  The only requirement is a a profile photo.  Everything else is optional but you would benefit by taking the time to write a short profile, put in your website/blog links and add your social media accounts.  By doing so gives you a better change of getting traffic to all of your social accounts and websites.

2.  Write Your Own Original Content - Here are some suggestions to help write creative, interesting and fun articles to attract more readers.

  • Take Your Time - Sit down and take at least 30 minutes to write your post.

  • Include At Least 300 Words - Write an article that contains at least 300 words.  The more words the better chances you will receive more views.

  • Add Keywords In Your Article - Add keywords that are consistent with what you are writing about in your article.

  • Add Photos or Videos - Add your own original photos/videos if you have them.

  • Highlight Keywords - Highlight or bold keywords inside your articles.  Add links to your keywords back to your website, blog or product you are representing.

  • Make Sure Your Links Are Working - Insert working links to your products or affiliate pages.

  • Have Expression In Your Writing - Write with expression using correct punctuation and grammar.  Cross your T's and dot your I's.  Use  It is a free and very helpful tool to correct writing errors.

3. Follow Guidelines, Rules & Helpful Tips.

  •  Use Grammarly - Use correct spelling, punctuation, and sentences.  Install the Grammarly app!  It is free and it is not spammy.  Grammarly shows and helps you correct your writing mistakes while your writing.  It makes suggestions to change and shows you misspelled words.  It helps you write proper sentences. This helps us review and approve your posts much faster.  When you write with Grammarly installed it will instantly show you possible writing mistakes and ask you if you want to correct these mistakes. Get Grammarly Here.  Again, it is free, spam-free and will save you from having your posts rejected for too many errors.  Grammarly works on cell phones, Ipads, mobile devices, and desktops.

  • NEVER copy and paste another article from another website or blog unless the article belongs to you.  We check for plagiarism.  Write your own articles in your own words.  You do not have to be a miracle writer.  Give some thought of what you want to write about.  Your life, something you saw happen this week or last year, rate a product, you can write about anything as long as it is in your own words. 

  • Do not use photos, videos or any other media that you do not own or have permission to share or use.  You can always share videos from popular websites like YouTube or Facebook that are public or have Creative Commons.  The worst thing to do is go to a website and copy articles, use photos and media without permission that has copyrights.  If we get a report this has happened from the owner of the content your post will be taken down.  If we find you have copied someone's content or use their media without consent you may be banned from the community.  It is "illegal" to do this.  

  • Always include a photo.  Nobody wants to see a big grey square on a post.  If you do not have a photo find a free one for use on Google search or from a source that allows sharing. 

  • Photo and Video Posts - If you are posting to share a photo(s) or video you must include at least 150 words describing why you shared the media or why this is interesting to see/watch or rate what you are sharing.  You can as well do all three!  Do not just share a photo or video without an interesting explanation of why you shared it.  Write a short article or a few paragraphs with it.

  • Affiliate and Product Links - You are welcome to add your affiliate and product links in your articles.  You are welcome to add back links to your blogs or other posts.  No ad units/monetized advertising links are allowed in articles.  As well if you are selling a product you may want to see about product advertising.  

  • Post Approval - It takes anywhere from 1 hour to 48 hours for post-approval.  Once your post is approved you will see it in your profile and on the website.  

  • Posts Rejected/Needs Corrections - If your post needs corrections for too many errors you will receive an email requesting those corrections.  Go into your account and edit the post to make corrections.  Once corrections are made click the add post button again to resubmit it.  If your post is completely rejected you will also receive an email about why it was rejected.  Rejected posts are usually because it contains a copy of an article that has been spun, made by a bot, is not G-PG rated, uses media that illegal, plagiarism and so on.  

  • Website Traffic  - provides free website traffic to members articles.  Our traffic is real human organic traffic.  Providing this type of traffic has great advantages such as stated below;

  1. Provides our members with real interested readers who may be interested in your products you offer which may lead to more sales.

  2. Better chances of a real reader to visit your back links and links you provide in your articles which may increase real traffic to your other blogs/articles you link to your articles.

  3.  Better chances your article is shared, liked, commented by real people leading to more article views.


**Zigglemedia does not guarantee any results.  We do our best to share all articles as much as possible to help our members receive good traffic.  Members understand that we do not control what our visitors do, we simply provide articles and links if they are interested to visit them.

Our website traffic is REAL!  We currently have 10,000+ visitors daily from Google search, Social media, Directories and so on.  Our traffic grows weekly.


Last Updated 12/06/2019

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