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Looking for exposure to your product or brand?  

ZiggleMedia will advertise your product and brand through video presentations or articles. 

Articles - We use your marketing article, photos, links to drive our millions of website visitors to your product page.  Each article receives approximately 2000-5000 views per month from our members and audience who visit our website.  The product review is a passive advertising method with a one-time payment of $20.00.

 Product Video - Using your product video and at least 200 words about your product we can help generate more traffic to your product or store with your product video. Product videos are a passive advertising method with a one-time fee of $25.00.  

Ready to advertise your products?  Affiliate links/products? Brand?  Get seen by millions of shoppers interested in your product.


Our Advertising Network

Advertising On Millions of Blogs and Websites -  through Search Engines, PPC, Directories, Solo Ads, Safelists, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Pop-Ups, Mobile, Paid Ads, Text Ads and more!

Micro-Influencers - Zigglemedia has a group of micro-influencers with large audiences to help promote your product.  

Social Media - We offer a wide variety of marketing and advertising for new products and stores and for established products and brands through all of our social media accounts.  


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**Zigglemedia does not guarantee any results.  We do our best to share all articles as much as possible to help our members receive good traffic.  Members understand that we do not control what our visitors do, we simply provide articles and links if they are interested to visit them.


Last Updated 12/06/2019

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